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Our Facilitation Process

No matter what group or concept we are facilitating with, we think a solid planning process is the key to successful facilitation. We use a step by step process with each facilitation client to ensure we understand their needs and are able to accomplish their goals in the work we complete together. To ensure each client achieves their goals, we follow a structured but adaptable approach.

  1. Our process starts with a free Facilitation Consultation. We need to understand what it is you want to achieve through facilitation. We ask numerous questions during this meeting to clarify our clients’ purpose, objectives and goals for whatever we are facilitating. We also want to understand if there are concerns you have or things that haven’t worked for you or your group, so we can avoid any problems from the beginning. After we answer all your questions and gather information about your group and expectations, we will begin brainstorming the best approach to take with your facilitation.
  2. Step two involves taking all the information we’ve gathered and creating a Formal Facilitation Proposal for you. We thoroughly explain our process, outline what we understand to be the groups objectives and expectations, and describe any pre-work that needs to be accomplished prior to facilitation sessions. We will also quote our fees and our expectations about how we will accomplish your goals together.
  3. After we’ve agreed on the proposal it’s time to get to work. Our facilitation consultants will do all of the research and Pre-Facilitation Work necessary to ensure we are prepared to support the group and it’s work. You and your team also complete any pre-work as discussed in the proposal to ensure the team is ready to make the most of the facilitation experience!
  4. The next time we meet will be to Facilitate. We will work to ensure everyone stays focused, understands ground rules, and stays on time and on task. If additional concerns or issues arise in the facilitation that we didn’t plan for, we are able to capture that and table it for future discussions, allowing conversation to continue to flow. We are experts at being adaptable and reading the room to ensure everyone can share their thoughts while keeping things moving towards the end goal.
  5. After we meet, we will provide you with detailed meeting notes, captured information, and recommended follow up. Our Meeting Report will explain what we discussed during facilitation, what was agreed upon, and any other critical meeting data.
  6. Once your final meeting report is complete, our team of facilitators will Follow Up to ensure you got everything you needed out of the session, and to plan future working sessions as necessary based on the outcomes of facilitation. We ensure you have just what you need to be successful and make the most out of your facilitation.